In December 2019, Silex and Cameco signed a binding purchase agreement with GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy for the joint purchase of its 76% interest in GLE. If successfully completed, the transaction would result in Silex acquiring a 51% interest, and Cameco increasing its interest in GLE from 24% to 49%.

Closing of the transaction remains subject to obtaining US Government approvals and is conditional on the 2016 GLE-DOE Sales Agreement (for GLE's purchase of DOE tails inventories for the Paducah opportunity) remaining in full force and effect.

A key objective of Silex's participation in the GLE restructure is to allow the Company to create new opportunities by becoming more directly involved in the SILEX technology commercialisation program and in GLE's business development path. In particular, the Company places considerable value in the Paducah, Kentucky commercial project opportunity which provides GLE access to large stockpiles of depleted uranium tails inventories owned by the DOE. 



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