The Paducah commercial project opportunity is an ideal path to market for the SILEX technology. The opportunity would allow for the initial commercial deployment of the technology on a smaller scale and at a lower cost, representing a lower risk path to market for the Company and other stakeholders.

Underpinning the opportunity is the 2016 Sales Agreement between GLE and the US Department of Energy (DOE) which provides GLE access to large stockpiles of depleted uranium tails inventories owned by the DOE. The Agreement was amended in 2020 involving changes to certain provisions and timelines which re-align the Agreement to current market conditions.

The Paducah commercial project opportunity will involve GLE constructing the proposed ‘Paducah Laser Enrichment Facility’ (PLEF) utilising the SILEX technology to enrich the DOE tails material which has been stored in the form of depleted uranium hexafluoride (containing U235 of between 0.25% to 0.4%). Subject to completion of the technology commercialisation project, regulatory approvals and prevailing market conditions, it is anticipated the PLEF will commence commercial operations to produce uranium from the late 2020’s.

Tails enrichment at the PLEF would continue over several decades, resulting in the production of natural grade uranium which could then be sold into the global uranium market at a production rate of around 2,000 metric tons of natural uranium per year (in the form of UF). This is equivalent to a uranium mine producing an annual output of around 5.2 million pounds of uranium oxide, which would rank in the top ten of today’s uranium mines by production volume. In addition, the uranium produced by the PLEF will include the added value of already being converted into UF for further enrichment to low enriched uranium (LEU). Should LEU also be produced at an expanded PLEF facility, this would mean GLE could potentially become a significant player in the first three steps of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Preliminary economic analysis of the PLEF project indicates that it may rank as a large ‘Tier 1’ uranium mine by today’s standards with respect to the long-life and low cost of production.


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