Silex Systems Ltd

Commercialising our unique SILEX laser enrichment technology

Silex Systems Ltd

Silex Systems Limited (ASX: SLX) (OTCQX: SILXY) (“Silex”) is an Australian technology company focused on the commercialisation of our innovative SILEX laser enrichment technology for application to:


Our flagship Uranium Project:

Paducah, Kentucky (US) Project – potentially a ‘Tier 1’ uranium resource

  • Opportunity for low-cost production of up to 5 million pounds uranium oxide annually for approximately 30 years
  • Add-on opportunity to enrich further to produce low enriched uranium (LEU) and low enriched uranium plus (LEU+) for today’s conventional nuclear reactor fleet
  • Additional opportunity to further enrich to high assay LEU (HALEU) for next generation advanced reactors, including small modular reactors (SMRs)

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Our Quantum Silicon Production Project:

Quantum Silicon (Q-Si) Production for Quantum Computing

  • Opportunity to establish Silex as a key global supplier of enriched silicon
  • Enriched silicon is an enabling material for silicon quantum computing – leading technology for the emerging quantum computing industry

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