What are the head office contact details for Silex Systems Limited?

Refer to Contact Us, here.

When does Silex's financial year end?

Silex Systems’ financial year ends at 30 June.

How can I obtain Silex's market announcements?

You can view our most recent announcements at any time via the Investor page on this website. To register to receive announcements as they are published, please contact us at investor.relations@silex.com.au.

Which stock exchanges is Silex listed on?

Silex is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), with the ticker: SLX.  Silex is also listed on the OTCQX International, with the ticker: SILXY

What is the name of Silex Systems' Share Registry?

Computershare Registry Services (“Computershare”) is engaged to undertake all registry services for Silex.

Computershare’s Investor Centre allows investors to update their details online and request documents.

To visit the Investor Centre:


Address: Level 5, 115 Grenfell Street Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

Postal Address: GPO Box 1903 Adelaide SA 5001 Australia

Phone Within Australia: 1300 556 161

Phone Outside Australia: +61 3 9415 4000

How can I obtain a copy of Silex's Annual Report?

You can view our most recent announcements at any time via Investor page on this website. To register to receive announcements as they are published, please contact us at investor.relations@silex.com.au.

What does Issuer Sponsored mean?

An Issuer Sponsored holding is maintained by Computershare, which maintains all details relating to the holding. All Silex shares quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) are required to be uncertificated. Issuer sponsorship is the means by which shareholders must hold their shares in uncertificated form if they are not sponsored by a participant in CHESS, such as a sharebroker. Your Issuer Sponsored holdings can be identified by an ‘I’ at the start of your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) which is printed on your holding statement. When your shares are Issuer Sponsored, you are free to trade them through any broker. You give your nominated broker permission to access your holding when you buy or sell shares.

What does Broker Sponsored mean?

If your shares are Broker Sponsored, you will have a Holder Identification Number (HIN) allocated to you that is prefixed with an ‘X’. All on-market transactions in Silex securities are advised electronically to the Silex Share Registry through CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Subregister System). When your shares are Broker Sponsored, you are only able to sell them through that broker. If you wish to use a different broker, you will need to arrange to have the holding transferred.

What is a HIN?

The Holder Identification Number (HIN) identifies your registration on the CHESS Subregister. One HIN can register an investor’s shareholdings in multiple companies. For example, if you hold shares in Companies X, Y and Z, these shareholdings can be consolidated in one registration under a single HIN.

What is a SRN?

The Shareholder Registration Number (SRN) identifies your registration on an Issuer Sponsored Subregister. An SRN registers an investor’s shareholding in a single listed company. If you hold shares in more than one company and choose to be Issuer Sponsored, you will have a different SRN for each shareholding.

Does Silex have an American Depositary Receipts (ADR) program?

Yes. Silex Systems Limited’s ADRs may be purchased on the US OTCQX market. Details are as follows: Symbol SILXY CUSIP 827046103 Ratio 1 ADR : 5 ORDs Country Australia Effective Date May 17, 1999 Underlying SEDOL 6111735 Underlying ISIN AU000000SLX4 Depositary BNY Mellon.

What is OTCQX?
OTCQX International is a segment of the OTCQX marketplace reserved for high-quality non-US companies listed on a qualified international stock exchange. US investors can find information for the company on www.otcmarkets.com.
Bank of New York Mellon acts as Silex’s Principal American Liaison (“PAL”) on the OTCQX.
What is a Level 1 ADR?

American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are US dollar denominated negotiable instruments issued by a depositary bank, representing ownership in the underlying ordinary shares of a foreign issuer. Level 1 ADRs trade over-the-counter in the US on marketplaces operated by OTC Markets Group. These securities are considered “unlisted” in the US and Level 1 ADRs are not subjected to Sarbanes-Oxley, US SEC reporting requirements or US GAAP.

What are the benefits of ADRs to US investors?

ADRs are attractive for both US institutional and retail investors, allowing them to trade and own non-US companies directly through the US equity markets. US investors trade ADRs during US trading hours, (09:00-16:00) without concern for different settlement times, local tax laws and other complications typically associated with investing directly in overseas markets. Additionally, certain funds, managed accounts and private wealth management groups are required to hold US$ denominated securities for their accounts. Thus ADRs allow investment in foreign companies that would otherwise not be possible.

How can I buy Silex ADRs?

You can buy Silex ADRs through a broker just like standard shares.

How are Silex ADRs traded?

ADRs trade on the OTCQX Marketplace under the ticker symbol SILXY. Each Silex ADR represents five (5) ordinary shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). US broker-dealers continuously price ADRs in accordance to local market share price movements and available liquidity. Investors buy ADRs in the exact same manner as buying a US domestic security. ADRs can be traded by any US broker-dealer, are cleared and settled in US dollars, and pay any applicable dividends in US dollars.

How do I convert my ordinary shares into ADRs?

You can convert ordinary shares into ADRs through a broker, an investment advisor or through Bank of New York Mellon.

What financial information is available to US investors?

Under its continuous disclosure requirements with the Australian Securities Exchange, Silex is required by law to publish any information (in English) that may impact its share price. These include half yearly financial reports, annual reports and market updates which can be found on the Silex website Investors section, here.